About Me:


Hey ya’ll, my name is Madeline Stokes, welcome to my blog. First things first, I have no idea what I’m doing. Now that you’re here, you have officially boarded the #hotmessexpress which is how I explain my life on a daily basis. 


I may have absolutely no idea what it takes to have a blog but what I do know, is that I hope that whatever social media platform of mine you follow, it becomes a place where you find inspiration to let it all loose. Too many times in my life have I felt pressure to be perfect, so I wanted to create a place where all the little things we feel about ourselves aren’t discouraged, but embraced. 


I hope that The Magnolia Leaf Blog brings you joy to let it all out girl scout. I can’t wait to see where my #average small town life takes my long-awaited blog. 


P.S I love Jesus, my husband Dillon, and my two Australian shepherds Kaci + Koda a whole lot. 


P.P.S thanks for coming to my ted talk // follow me on Instagram @themagnolialeafblog



Why "Magnolia Leaf"?

Magnolia trees have always been special to me and my family. Growing up, my grandmother had an enormous magnolia tree in her front yard. I spent most of my summers climbing that tree to the very top, as have all of the older grandchildren before me.

That tree is long gone now and it was heartbreaking when it finally blossomed one last time before being cut down.

The truth about Magnolia trees is, they aren't easy trees to keep. They can easily catch disease even if they look healthy on the outside. To me, "Magnolia Leaf" isn't just a name, it is a symbol of not only my sweet Nonni, but a symbol of strength, to overcome and shed light to what we feel on the inside, instead of saving face for the world. 

That's what you'll find here on the blog. The good, the bad + the ugly (but we're working on it).