Beauty Lover | Gift Guide

We all have a glam gal in our life, or maybe it's you! Below are my top 12 beauty products I recommend for the beauty lover in your life. Most of these will be great for any skin type / person who loves makeup. I also threw in some things that are on my list for Christmas.

1. Foundation - this might be a little tricky to give someone, but if you ask for it for yourself, you can always swatch it in-store first. I have legit worn this since high school and it's still my #1!

2. Highlighter- this is perfect for a subtle glow or for a blinding highlight if you want to build it up. I also like to use this on my eyes / inner corner to brighten up my eyeshadow.

3. Setting Spray- the way this setting spray comes out was a complete game changer for me. It's a continuous mist so it goes on evenly + it smells amazing!

4. Beauty Sponge- in my opinion, this is better than the original beauty blender. It is more dense so it doesn't soak up as much product + they are more durable AND cheaper!

5. EyeShadow- this is one of my favorite palletes. This is definitely for more of your adventurous eyeshadow wearers. I normally just use the neutrals but I need to sit down and play with some of the color!

6. Primer- this is perfect for any skin type. It's really designed to rejuvenate your skin + can be combined with a matte or hydrating primer.

7. Skincare- again, another great product for any skin type. I can't believe this duo is under $20! The spot treatment is amazing + the facial spray can be worn over or under makeup.

8. Neutral Eyeshadow- I use this just about everyday when I'm not using the other pallete listed above. This would be a great gift to give because everyone looks good in warm neutral colors.

9. Brush Cleaner- 2-in-1 brush cleaning set, everyone needs this! Clean them brushes girl.

10. Brushes- these are going to be the top brushes you'll need to complete any look. I desperately need to update my brushes and these are on my list!

11. Hair Towel- not just your average hair towel. The microfiber helps soak up water 10x faster + helps reduce frizz. I have about 5 of these and love how they stay on top of your head with the button!

12. Hair Dryer Brush- another thing on my list. I have once again been influenced by the influencers. I need some major volume and hate how long it takes to roll-brush my hair. After seeing videos of other bloggers using this, it's on my list!