Best of Beauty | Face

Welcome to my first blog post ever! I am so excited to kick off the launch of my blog with my favorite makeup products! I decided to split up this topic because I have so many favorites for each category.

I thought it would be best to start off with the “foundation” of every great makeup look, the face! Here, you will find my favorite primers, foundations, and concealers. These products have been my ride-or die’s for years, I seriously don’t know what I would do if any of these were ever discontinued (probably write a strongly worded letter tbh). Any who, grab a snack + a glass of wine, it’s going to be a long one!


I have to be honest. I never thought primers did anything, until I found the right ones. I have oily skin, so naturally I gravitated towards super matte foundations to get the job done. Now that I’ve tested these primers, I can branch out to different foundations with different finishes.

My all-time favorite primer is the Too Faced | Hangover Rx Primer. It does exactly what it sounds like. It gives your skin a breath of fresh air after a long night out. It’s moisturizing without being oily, and provides just enough tackiness to allow your foundation to last all day.

If you are searching for a “glow from within” or need to dilute a full-coverage foundation, Mac | Strobe Cream will do the trick. It comes in a few shades depending on your skin tone. It’s basically a highlighting cream that, when mixed with foundations, gives you a more skin-like finish. Also, it smells amazing!

PORES! We all have them. Some more than others, but at some point in our lives, they’ll show up. Fortunately, I don’t have huge pores, but I do have some acne scaring. Dr. Brandt | Pores No More does a fabulous job of filling fine lines, pores, and scars. It blurs out imperfections without leaving a weird greasy residue like some primers. It’s a bit pricey but a little goes a long way!


These three foundations are always within reach in my makeup collection. Now, I’ve always been a full coverage queen, but recently, I’ve been a little more natural (I know, I’m surprised too). Each of these foundations are on the more full-coverage side with a satin to matte finish. These can easily be diluted with your favorite moisturizer or primer for a more natural look.

My go-to foundation has always been the Estee Lauder | Double Wear. A little goes a l o n g way. I use one pump of foundation and equal parts of my Mac| Strobe Cream to dilute it for a more natural look. This is great for all skin types, I’m more on the oily side but definitely have dry patches around my mouth. I find that it works well for anyone with that combination (not to mention you could literally sleep in this and you’ll still look bomb the next day, so I've heard). I have used this foundation a little over 4 years and wore it on my wedding day!

Shade | Shell Beige - for my spray tan color | Desert Beige - for my natural skin tone

For a super full-coverage look, I use the Huda Beauty | #FauxFilter Foundation. You will only need half a pump of this foundation to cover your entire face. I use this product when I know I have a long day ahead of me, or for an event. I tend to mix this with my lighter coverage foundations to get a happy-medium coverage as well.

Shade | Butter Pecan

For my natural babes out there, I recommend the Too Faced | Born This Way Foundation. This is like the younger, skinnier version of the Estee Lauder | Double Wear Foundation. It is more on the medium coverage side that can easily build to a more full-coverage finish.

Shade | Natural Beige


Concealer has come a long way. From a product that was made to only hide imperfections, is now used to highlight and add dimension to your face. My theory is, if your foundation is doing its job, you do not need another product in the same shade to help it. For me, I use concealer to highlight under my eyes + the high points of my face.

Tarte | Shape Tape Concealer is by far, hands down, trade my whole shoe collection, the best concealer. Ever. It is so concentrated; I use one tube a year. It is thick enough that you only need a tiny bit, but blends out so well that it doesn’t crease.

Urban Decay | Naked Concealer is more for my natural girls. It will still do the job of a full coverage concealer, but will need a few layers to give you that #instagram filter look. It is a thinner consistency for your everyday makeup.

Thank you so much for visiting The Magnolia Leaf Blog! I hope you enjoyed reading about all of my favorite face products! Stay tuned for my upcoming Best of Beauty | Set + Shine! Where I'll talk about all things setting powders + highlighters!