Gift Exchange Under $40 | Gift Guide

I personally hate having to stick with a certain budget for a gift guide. Too low and it ends up being crap, too high and you might blow your budget for other things. After doing some research, it looks like you can get some pretty good stuff for around $40, especially if you can find a good sale!

1. Portable Speaker - Dillon uses this bluetooth speaker in his old truck because it doesn't have a radio, pretty loud for being so tiny!

2. What Do You Meme?- one of my favorite games, on the cleaner side if you know what I mean.

3. Cube- this little device hooks on to things like your keys, purse, dog, anything that you may lose frequently and can be tracked on your phone.

4. Weighted Blanket- ON SALE for exactly $40, normally $50, get this color while it's still on sale!

5. Burt's Bees- this little kit is gender neutral + will work for anyone who likes to have moisturized lips + toes.

6. That's What She Said- another great game, a bit on the raunchy side.

7. Earbuds- on sale for $40 as well, great deal from this brand.

8. Google Home Mini- 50% off and under $30!

9. Charging Station- great for families who have all the tablets for the kids (would also serve as a nice tablet jail).

10. Massager- once again, I've been influenced by the influencers, Dani Austin RAVES about this gadget. So long sore muscles.

11. Cards Against Humanity - an oldie but a goodie (V raunchy)

12. Super Tumbler- comes with a two metal straws to save all the turtles!

Shop the products here too:

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully you'll bring the gift everyone will fight over!