Gift Guide | My Personal Picks

First world problems coming in hot with this blog post. When my family members asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I could think about 10 different bills that I wouldn't mind being paid, or maybe start a daycare fund (send help). All jokes aside, I like to ask for things that I know I will use everyday. I think it's only fair that the time and money that goes into a gift, gets a fair share of use! Behold, my top picks for Christmas!

1. Booties- so classic and LOVE this color. I love the pointed toe and heel height.

2. Contour Pallete- I SO need a new one of these, I have hit pan on every single color. The good news is, my current pallete lasted me almost 2 years!

3. Robe- with all the hype behind barefoot dreams, I need to own one pronto + I'll need something warm in the hospital when we finally get to meet our little man!

4. Curling Wand- funny story, my favorite wand went out the DAY BEFORE my wedding, luckily my friend let me borrow hers but I miss my old one!

5. Blue Light Glasses- whether it's my current job or blogging, I am always on the computer. I love how oversized this pair is!

6. Perfume- I wore this perfume on my wedding day. The bottle I used still had some left in it, but I want a new bottle so I can preserve the one I used on my wedding day (silly I know).

7. Dryer Brush- I have such a hard time getting volume in my hair / haven't mastered using the traditional round brush with a blow dryer. I have heard amazing things and want to try this out!

8. Slippers- I hardly ever go barefoot around the house, I need something on my feet // these will be great to transition into the warmer months.

9. Sunglasses- I have owned these before and lost them :( I love the ombre lens.

10. Booties- I need them in black too okay!!!

11. Sweater- this sweater is calling my name and I just need it.

12. Hat- I own a floppy black hat but want something with more structure

13. Necklace- so cute and dainty for this mama-to-be!

14. Lashes- I have always wanted a pair of these lashes / think it's worth it to buy them now since I've been saving a ton by not getting lash extensions.

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