Hostess | Gift Guide

The holidays are such a fun time to gather with friends and family to celebrate. If you're like me, you never go to another person's home empty handed (maybe that's the southern woman in me). I think it's such a nice touch to bring the hostess a gift to thank them for all the hard work they put in to hosting the gathering in their home. Below are some of my go-to gifts when friends and family host at their home.

1. Wine Carafe - if you have a wine drinker in your life, this is a must + it looks so pretty on the table during dinner parties!

2. Wine Glasses - I own about 15 of these and love them! They are durable enough to withstand the dishwasher without breaking + go on sale often. They have a whole line that goes with these glasses!

3. Wine Cooler- who doesn't love a gift that's versatile. Throw it in the fridge to keep your white wine / rosé cold OR put a plant in it!

4. Home Spray- so many bloggers rave about this spray / I was influenced by the influencers! It smells like Christmas in a bottle + a luxurious gift under $50!

5. Coasters - I am in desperate need of some coasters in my home and think these would be perfect as a gift! They are the perfect mix of modern + rustic with the mixed materials.

6. Candles - candles are my #1 go-to when it comes to a gift. This one is the same scent as the home spray above // will definitely get the holiday spirit in the air once you light it!

7. Blankets - has anyone seen that meme that says "I don't care how many blankets I own, I will never turn down a soft blanket" well same girl. I personally believe you can never have too many cozy blankets.

8. Cheese Board - perfect size for a charcuterie board or a decorative piece propped up in a hutch. Personalizing it it such a nice touch to give to a hostess for under $20!

9. Cook Book- Not only is this my go-to recipe book but it's also perfect to display in your kitchen as a decorative piece. Pair this with a cookie jar (she has some yummy cookie recipes) and your gift is complete!

10. Coffee Mug- another thing I was influence by the influencers. These are absolutely adorable and currently on sale for $10! This mug also has matching pieces on the website for all around your kitchen.

11. Cookie Jar- this would be a great base for a gift you can build on. Fill it with the dry ingredients to make your favorite cookie recipe // pair it with a cook book!

12. Serving Tray- one of my favorite serving trays I own. This is perfect to keep everything organized // great for hummus or veggie tray. You can also remove all of the modular pieces for a bonus tray underneath.

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