Interior | Affordable Bedroom Decor

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

I am so pumped for this blog post! My husband and I purchased our first home in January of this year. We had prayed so hard and saved every penny we had to get this house and the Lord provided! We were so overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done + furnish the entire thing!

It has been quite the process to say the least. Being recent college grads + newlyweds doesn’t leave you with a ton of extra money. We have learned to save up for things we really want + budget for the small stuff. Most of our bedroom décor is up to 50% off this week so this is perfect timing!

Our Tufted | Bed was one of the only things we had time to put into our home before we got married and left for our honeymoon. I combed through the internet to find the best deal for an entire king bedframe + headboard. Having a king bed is a huge game changer when it comes to buying bedding + sheets. It ain’t cheap sister. Luckily, I finally found what I wanted for a great price.

Shop the space! Our sheets are currently 10% off!

I have a slight problem with over-buying throw pillows. I guess you could say I get it from my mother and my husband is not happy about it. I love how pillows can completely change a space + add the finishing touch. Our Ruffled | Euro shams are originally from HomeGoods but I found a similar pair here. When buying bedding, I try to find something that comes with pillows to give me a good base to work with. I like to add Solid | Throw Pillows + a different pattern or texture like these Striped | Throw Pillows. It gives the bed dimension without getting too crazy. I also have a love/hate relationship with symmetry, so I always have a pillow in the center to balance everything out. I normally change out this pillow to go with each season, but alas, the Morning Pumpkin | Throw Pillow has stayed put!

Shop the space! My Solid | Throw Pillows and Striped | Throw Pillows are currently 10% off!

Buying furniture is so stressful but (obviously) so necessary. It's hard to find pieces that don't looked over-produced (that are also within your price range). I was probably the pickiest about our Glass Front | Nightstands. After failing to find something I liked for weeks, these caught me off guard when I was shopping for other home decor. They technically aren't nightstands but it's a place to hold our lamps and Cathedral | Paned Mirrors so they're staying!

Shop the space! My nightstands are currently 30% off. The mirrors are 50% off, and my lamp is 5% off!

I swore to myself that I would not buy a bench for the end of our bed. I knew it was going to be a place that collected all the clothes I tried on and never hung back up, but isn't it pretty? Our bench is from At Home but I found a similar bench here that is way less expensive than the one we bought. I also found a smaller white bench that is similar as well. If I could go back, I would purchase this Padded | Storage Bench. It definitely would be my go-to place to hide the last minute mess before company comes over!

The rest of our room consists of decor I've collected the past few months while I'm out-and-about. Our wooden tray is an antique find, but can be found anywhere! My favorites are this one for 25% off and this one. Our throw blanket is a wedding registry gift and can be found here (I should probably link a steamer with it because I clearly didn't steam mine). I also found a super plush white throw on sale!

(Don't even ask me what the other side of our room looks like, it's still a work in progress)

Shop the space here! My picture frame is 50% off and so is this plant!

Want your kids to have the same aesthetic as your room? Check out these adorable pieces for your little babe!

Thank you so much for stopping by to take a look at all of the goodies I selected to decorate our room! I hope you found inspiration to finish your space without breaking the bank! Now if only the other rooms in our home were finished!