Men's | Gift Guide

Buying for the men in my life is so hard sometimes! I consulted with Dillon to see what his most used products + favorite things he likes to wear to make this guide! Some items are simple, but they will 100% be used on a day-to-day basis!

Gadgets | Everyday Necessities

- Grill Set | under $50. We use this for almost every meal

- YETI Rambler | Game changer when it comes to having that 3rd cup of coffee! Love that it has a handle

- Car AC Phone Case | The back of the case is magnetic + attaches to an insert on you car's AC vent. Safe Driving + Easy access!

Skin Care + Smell Goods

- Grooming Kit | Again, another necessity that Dillon uses every week + in between hair cuts.

- Cologne | Buy IT! Smells sooooo good! I also love this one here too.

- Skin Care | He would kill me to say it BUT, Dillon loves using my skincare and masks when I use them, so this little kit will be perfect for you guy to age gracefully with you (:


- Jacket/Shirt | Just got this in for Dillon (hope he doesn't read this haha) and it can be worn as a shirt or open for a layered jacket look!

- Thick T-Shirt | Dillon has this in 4 different colors and loves it! It's thicker than a normal long sleeve t-shirt but not as thick as a traditional sweater. He likes to layer these shirts under sweaters or with bluejean shirts!

- Vest | On the pricier side BUT it's reversible so you're technically getting two for the price of one! It's a great staple to have in every man's closet and can take a simple shirt up a notch with layering.

Tush + Feet

- Slippers | The amount of times Dillon has worn his pair of slippers from two years ago warrants him a new pair (plus, when our dog was a puppy she got ahold of them). I totally think these are worth the price, especially with these having a hard bottom that can we worn just about anywhere.

- Undies | If your man is like mine, he is very particular about his undies. These are perfect, not too thick, not too thin, good support + breathable!

- Boots | Dillon is my little bargain shopper and bought these for himself when they were 40% off, hopefully they will go back on sale before the holidays! He says they are like walking on a cloud + they are water resistant!

I hope this gift guide was helpful and gave you some inspiration for buying gifts for the man in your life! Stay tuned for more gift guides to come!

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xoxo, Madeline