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The #sephora sale is here and I am stocking up on all the self-care and beauty products. Although this is a very unique time we are living in, I believe that a normal routine is essential for our mental health. I personally get up every morning and do a self care routine. Whether that is putting on a full face of makeup, self tanning, or my skincare routine. When you look good you feel good, amiright?! SO, I have rounded up my favorite products offered at Sephora in pretty much every category. I've also included some products I want to try at the bottom!

How the Sale Works

This sale is for Sephora members. Becoming an Inside Member is FREE and automatically qualifies you for 10% off with code SPRINGSAVE starting 4/23-4/27. *spend $350 and automatically bump up to VIB status.

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  1. This primer is one of my all-time favorites. Velvety finish for all skin types. I love that it controls my oils without drying out my skin.

  2. Splurge worthy but so good. Smooths over pores like butter and preps the face for foundation so well. I even wear this on my no-makeup days.

  3. Can you tell I love pore fillers? This one is great for around the t-zone!

  4. Another great primer for the no-makeup days. Gives the skin a healthy glow!

  1. My go-to foundation since high school. Full coverage, lasts all day, no blotting for oils!

  2. For my lighter-coverage days. Light on the skin but still wonderful coverage.

  3. Another great medium-full coverage product. This would be a lighter weight option compared to the Esteé Lauder foundation.

  4. I love the primer from this brand and can't wait to try this foundation out! I've heard great things!

  1. Best setting powder for under the eye or all-over if you're oily like me!

  2. I've used this contour pallete for years and will never go back. I love that you can refill the colors you need!

  3. Another great setting powder! Used this on my wedding day.

  4. Such a versatile bronzer! Can also be used for contouring because of the cooler undertones.

  1. For the glow-from-within look. My #1 recommendation for highlighters! I love wearing it on the eyes too.

  2. The perfect bridal blush. My year-round color from spring to winter.

  3. Such a staple eyeshadow palette. Rich neutrals and compact for travel too.

  4. Another great palette for bronzing, contouring, and highlighting.

  5. LOVE this blush. Gives such a healthy sheen to the cheeks with gorgeous color.

  1. I have used this serum for years and it's magic. Got a pimple? Visibly smaller the next morning. Sunburn? Soothes it.

  2. My daily moisturizer. Absorbs into the skin so well. Lightweight but effective.

  3. Non-harsh toner to limit excess oils and refresh the skin without drying.

  4. Pricey but worth it! I use this after I derma roll my face.

  1. Great color! I love how dark this gets me and lasts for about a week!

  2. You NEED a mit when self-tanning!!!

  3. I've heard great things about these tanning drops to mix in with foundation or moisturizer! Getting this when the sale opens up!

  4. WONDERFUL reviews on the Sephora website. Never heard of a tanning serum before and can't wait to add this to my cart!

  1. My most special perfume because I wore it on my wedding day. By far one of the sweeter scents I own but Dillon picked it out and it's so so special.

  2. A heavier scent, not as sweet. Definitely a unique smell. Anyone who wears it can always tell when someone else wears it too. Love this one.

  3. So fresh and clean. Girly and feminine!

  4. Darker smell (if that makes sense). Comparable to the Alien perfume with the yummy heaviness.

Happy shopping ladies! Let me know if you tried any of the products I recommended! I would love to know if you love them as much as I do! Let's take this time to refine our self care routines and come out of quarantine looking our best!

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XOXO Madeline