Updated Skincare Routine

Let's talk skincare! Most of my life, I never had to have a routine for skincare. I would use a makeup wipe then go to bed (but that was back in high school). Before I got pregnant, I was really struggling with adult acne. I had no idea where to start when it came to skincare. I started using every product all bloggers suggested and nothing worked.

My husband, who uses the same product to wash his entire body, suggested I simplify my routine, stop using a product for every little thing. Initially I rolled my eyes but then took his advice and simplified the products I was using.

What I stopped doing/using:

- stopped using makeup wipes

- stopped using multiple products at a time that do the same thing

- stopped over exfoliating

- stopped using overly-drying medicated cleansers

- stopped avoiding oils in my skincare routine bc I was already oily

- stopped picking at my skin (this was a hard one)

What I started doing/using:

1. Pond's Cold Cream

When I told ya'll that I use old lady products on my face over on Instagram, this is what I was talking about. I traded makeup wipes for this gentle cream cleanser. It's so gentle on the skin but powerful on makeup. I've even noticed that my lashes and eye area don't seem as beat up from all the pulling and tugging that the makeup wipes were causing. Grab you a big tub of this stuff for under $10! (baby oil is also a good option if you want a gentle but powerful way to break down makeup)

2. Soft Towels

I use this makeup erasing towel to remove the Pond's Cold Cream. I wouldn't suggest using a regular wash cloth everyday, it can be a bit too harsh on your skin. (I use a regular wash cloth about once a week for my exfoliating) This towel is microfiber so it's super soft. This one claims you don't need any product to get your makeup off but I do it any way.

3. Medicated Pads

These changed the game for me. Now I've tried just about every drug store version of a medicated acne pad and they made my skin worse. THESE.ARE.MAGIC! I swear after the first few days of using these, I already saw a difference in my skin. The best part about them - they leave your skin feeling moisturized. I hate when a product leaves your skin feeling tight and itchy, these don't do that. I use these every-other-day. When I'm not using these I'll use witch hazel instead.

4. Witch Hazel

After the Pond's cream, I either use the medicated pads I just talked about or I'll put some of this witch hazel on a cotton ball and remove the remaining residue off my skin to prepare for the next step in my routine. I used to use really drying astringents that ultimately made my skin worse. This product doesn't do that + you can find this at pretty much every drug store.

5. Night Masks

If you make any purchases from my recommendations, it should be this one. This has done WONDERS for my skin. I'm on my second jar, it's sooooo good. I'm not kidding, the first time I used this night mask, I woke up the next morning with a clearer complexion. It's so moisturizing, the kind of moisturizing where you feel like you actually put something on your face (I hate how some moisturizers can make your face feel like you didn't put anything on). Don't let the term "night mask" scare you, it's more of a heavy duty moisturizer, it won't get all over your pillow.

Below are some extra products I use here and there when I feel like my skin needs a boost!

1. Oil

I've been using this oil all over my body during my pregnancy and though well, why not put it on my face. Sometimes you need a moisture surge in your life. I also put this under my eyes to give those bags some extra hydration. I swear I had a phobia of products with oil in them because my skin was so oily, in reality, this helped keep my skin hydrated so my oil glands wouldn't over work themselves - causing those deep under-the-skin pimples.

2. Defuzzer Blades

Don't get too crazy with these. I gently glide over my cheeks and chin area to remove any excess peach fuzz / dead skin. I feel like my skincare products soak into my skin so much better / my makeup goes on much smoother. Doing this too much or too harshly can dry out your skin or cause small cuts so BE CAREFUL!

3. Repairing Serums

This is my 3rd bottle and I love it. I don't use it every night bc it's on the pricier side, but it's for those days when your skin is dull, needs a pick-me-up, or you need to pull out all the stops before a big event! (I slathered my face in this the nights leading up to my wedding, my skin looked great) I've also used this when I got too much sun on my skin and it took the heat out / made me not peel!

4. Spot Treatments

Occasionally I'll get a stubborn cystic pimple / notice a breakout might be coming on so I put a little dab of this on and it dries up the blemish before it even makes it to the surface.

I know this goes without saying but your diet truly does make a difference in your skin. I upped my water intake and started taking vitamins around the same time that I changed my skincare routine. My skin has never looked better and I truly believe it's because of these products!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Madeline