Walmart | My Top Picks

If you were to ask me a even a year ago if I would be writing about all of the cute things you can find at Walmart, I'd say you were crazy. Where I live, Walmart is the only store we have, unless I want to drive to the next town for more shopping. Some of these things can be found in store (depending on your location) but all can be found online! I'm so excited to style these pieces once they come in, but wanted to share them while some are on sale!

1. Leopard Jacket - STUNNING! I was a little shocked at the price at first. After doing some research, all of the similar options on Amazon seemed super inconsistent with reviews / the actual look of the products didn't seem like the best quality. This one has good reviews and seems like it would actually keep you warm (I ordered this for our NY trip)

2. Snakeskin Bag- I'm pretty 50/50 when it comes to traveling with my designer bags, this one is super cute + structured and can go into any season! On sale for $14.50!

3. Black Teddy Jacket- As a lover of all things black clothing, I can't believe I am just now getting around to ordering a black Teddy Jacket. I have been so into the cognac color for the season, that everything was starting to look the same.

4. Cardigan- YA'LL! This is the cardigan that stopped me dead in my tracks as I was picking up my rotisserie chicken. I walked straight over to it and was shocked by the material. It's warm, stretchy, and just plain ole'good. It seriously feels like it came from Banana Republic / JCrew.

5. Shoes- Need these on my feet pronto, I am in desperate need of shoes other than sneakers or full on heeled booties.

6. Sweater Skirt- I need this in all of the patterns and colors it comes in. The blocked print is so chic + perfect to pair with a chunky cropped sweater.

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